A Trip Down Memory Lane (2011 Bowman Platinum Baseball)

I was nosing around in my hobby room today when I found a Target bag that was stuffed into the back corner of a cabinet. To my surprise, there were several opened packs of 2011 Topps Football and a blaster box of 2011 Bowman Platinum Baseball. So I guess it can be assumed that I busted these packs two years ago and tucked them away and forgot about them. I couldn’t just let these go back in the cabinet so I opened them again just for ole’ times sake. There were 7 packs plus one in the box and like most cards I open and return to the box, these were carefully tucked back into pack. To my surprise, the very first one I open has a Platinum Prospect Refractor of Jurickson Profar in it. So I rushed to my eBay app to find that they are selling for around $10. That’s not so bad but I was expecting it to be a little higher.

The next couple packs yielded little mention except for a Matt Harvey Prospect. It’s a sharp card that will fit nicely in my collection. The third to the last pack had a Platinum Prospect Blue Refractor #’d of Cito Culver. The very last pack had a Tyler Skaggs Emerald Refractor that was #’d.

I ended up very happy with this blaster and it will be added to the sort table and penny sleeved and put into my 2011 monster box.



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