Box Breakdown: 2013 Bowman Platinum Baseball (Hobby)

Alrighty, so my box of platinum arrived today from

So the first thing I did, was open my free gift which was 6 packs of 2010-2011 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey. There wasn’t anything in there worth mentioning but it’s always fun ripping packs. Now on to the main event.

Once I got the box out, I looked it over and I was glad to see Billy Hamilton plastered all over the place. I half expected to see Puig, Profar or Buxton gracing the top. I think Topps/Bowman made the right choice. Billy’s value is going to skyrocket once he makes the bigs and burns up the base paths. I have this weird thing that I have with the order the packs come out of the box but I’ll save that for a different, less interesting break. Ok, so the packs look great this year and they are not over fancy or gaudy. Nothing much to complain about with the packs.

The base cards looks great this year with a crisp and clean design. Although I personally desire SOME sort of background, I do really like this years offering. It does seem like they just tweak the design a bit every year. As much as I like the base, I wish they would have done something different with the Bowman Platinum Prospects. There is absolutely no background whatsoever. I can’t stand just a blank background. It seems cheap and unimaginitive. I do have to say that I like the Platinum Chrome Prospects. There isn’t much to it either but the chrome effect and vibrant colors really pop when you thumb through a pack and find one.

So what did I rip?

  • 24 Base Cards with 0 Duplicates
  • Four Gold Base Variations, Two Sapphire Base Variations and One Ruby Base Variation
  • One Rookie Reprint (A. Soriano)
  • Four Top Prospects Inserts
  • Two Cutting Edge Stars Inserts
  • One Diamond in the Rough Insert
  • Fifty Platinum Prospects with 0 Duplicates
  • One Platinum Prospect X-fractor Variation
  • Five Platinum Chrome Prospects with 0 Duplicates
  • One Green Refractor Serial Numbered 182/399 Lucas Giolito
  • One Autographed Prospect Adam Conley
  • One Autographed Prospect Blue Variation Trevor May Numbered 131/199
  • One Autographed Prospect Blue Variation Relic Joe Panik 036/199

And now the grade:

Positive: I am giving this product 3 points for the box/pack design, 3 points for inserts/hits, one point for on card autos, two points for price (I paid $104 with shipping) and one point for being duplicate free. The positive total is 10

Negative: -1 point for only getting 24 base cards. At this rate you would need to purchase more than 8 boxes with no duplicates to complete just the base set. I am also deducting – .5 points for overall card design. Its not to much different from previous years, but I do like the look. The concept has worked for this brand.

Overall I grade this product an 8.5 out of 10

Tell me what you think. Did I hit it out of the park or look at the third strike?



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